mySME is the core brand of mySME Technologies representing a singular SME focused platform that combines the various initiatives that provide support to Start-up Founders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Our major platforms include:


A leading Business Management Platform for SMEs

The first platform under the mySME brand, mySMETools, is a leading business management platform for Small and Medium Enterprises, Start-ups and Business Owners currently on mySMETools.com, who are located across 8 countries in Africa (as of April 30, 2018). mySMETools.com also offers its registered users access to procurement opportunities, new market opportunities, business resources and tools to better run and manage a business.


A leading Crowdsourced and Curated SME News platform

Our focus as mySME News is to cover all news relating to SMEs, the state of entrepreneurship, the Small Business economy and any other business insights. This news platform allows start-up founders, entrepreneurs and others in the SME sector to engage with highly relevant and interesting content from up-to date information and news from entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners, where readers can learn about new products, services, start-ups and the new trends in business.



A leading marketplace for finding Co-working, Shared and Incubator spaces
mySME Space is a leading co-working, shared and incubator marketplace for Start-up Teams, Business Owners and SMEs. This platform enables co-working, shared and incubation hubs or offices to place their properties on display for entrepreneurs, start-up teams and business owners to find them, thereby extending their marketing and promotional reach of their properties to these SMEs looking for alternative office space.



Employees are your #1 Asset

mySME’s Stokvel is a solution for small and medium enterprises which struggle to attract and retain talent in the marketplace. Being able to retain a skilled workforce is vital for the success of any business and a regular staff turnover has shown to have a significantly negative effect on morale, productivity and overall company revenue. Studies have predicted that every time a company replaces a salaried employee, it can cost them between 6 and 24 months of their salary, depending on the employee’s role.